Underbridge (2019) 

Co-author A. Labašauskas

Public project, Vilnius, Lithuania.


From the press release:

By constructing a functional object including a sitting area under one of Vilnius’ bridges – Liubartas bridge in Žvėrynas district, – two sculptors, Andrius Labašauskas and Rytis Urbanskas, are transforming an unused public space into a cultural place. This is a proposal for a different way to have a communal life and activities in the city.

Cinema and music nights are going to be held in this new space starting the middle of August, involving numerous film directors to present their films and unique musicians creating the ambiance for this new spot.

Patiltė cinema and music program invites us to look at the possibility of transforming public spaces in the city in an unusual way while hearing the voice of “the marginals” of the society. The presented filmmakers and musicians think of the architecture as a social space, and invite us to rethink the evolution of the society, sometimes ironically or with a healthy dose of absurdity, and sometimes even in a radical or phantasmagoric way.


Authors: Rytis Urbanskas and Andrius Labašauskas

Cinema program coordinator: Austė Zdančiūtė

Music program coordinator: M. Aerobica

Graphic designer: Marek Voida

Commisioned by Vilnius municipality


Photos courtesy of S.Žiūra

© Rytis Urbanskas, 2021-2022

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