Over the distance (2017)

Site specific sound installation in Lithuanian National Library


Following the renovation in 2017 the National Library shifted its ideology towards post-silence library incorporating different spaces for production, meetings and private events instead of a solitary focus on research. Together with opening to the public after renovation, the Library received a collection of club music from the former dj Š. Karalius. 

The fusion of club music and the library setting made an uncanny feeling. But it led to understanding that this music collection is already a thing of the past, archived in storage by the library staff. I proposed a sound installation addressing the relationship between the collection and the library.

The Installation took a cinematic approach: each played vinyl would open a scene of a city soundscape mixed together with the music on vinyl. The goal was to produce an acoustic image of the time, when this collection was an instrument to make parties. While for the library it was opening itself to the noise of the city. 


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